Alasdair Duncan


how I work

My work, whether it's psychoanalytical,  more psychotherapeutic, or work that might be better described as support, is organised and oriented by the need of each person with whom I work, one by one – supporting each in the style with which they take up the work.  I do not presuppose any knowledge about what is good for each person, whilst nontheless working from a rigorous clinical orientation. Rather than offering generic or generalised solutions, my work proceeds in supporting each person who comes to me in finding their singular solutions to what troubles or interests them in coming to work with me.  The work helps each to find the dignity of their own particular solutions to ease the difficulties that life presents.

Work usually starts in a conversational style, often talking about your history, or the details of what brings you, and takes its particular direction from there.  I seek to work sensitively without preconception or prejudice, welcome work with people from diverse backgrounds, and with diverse experiences, and difficulties.

Working from a Lacanian orientation lends itself to a sensitivity to the ways that words affect the body, even outside of meaning, and in this way we can say that psychoanalysis has an aspect of being a practice of the body, even if all we do is speak. The ethic of the practice is to find ways to say well about what matters to you, in a way that it not witout this relation to the body –  which does not need to be a matter of being intellectual or well-spoken.

This practice of Lacanian orientation, in whichever form it takes, can be for anyone who is interested to find out about what doesn't work for them, or is difficult in their life, or the circumstances they find themselves in, and in finding a different kind of relationship to them, a new way of living.

My experience includes working with autistic people; people with ADHD; ADD; anxiety; depression; diffuculties around food; addictions; questions around sex, or around gender; and more. And also with those for whom no such description, no place on a list, fits.

The cost of the work can be adjusted according to your circumstances, and we will agree on a fee during our first meeting.